Stick-master / Candy Bar Cutting and Twisting Machine

The Loynds SM01 Stickmaster is an innovative candy bar twisting and cutting machine. At the start of machine, a candy rope—usually fed via a rope sizer—enters the Stickmaster’s two twisting conveyors. This process puts a spiral pattern onto the candy rope. Following the twisting section, the candy rope is fed… Read More »

Stickmaster – Candy Cane – Lollipop – Pole Line

candy cane production line by Loynds

Rock candy forming and twisting line for candy canes, twirly pops and rock/pole sticks. The line consists of: Batch roller Rope sizer Two sets of angled twisting conveyors Cutting unit Single tier cooling conveyor Speed: 20–200 cut pieces per minute Diameter: 6mm–22mm Length: 75mm–1000mm The machine can also be automated… Read More »

Candy Rope Sizer – RS01

Loynds Rope Sizer

The Loynds RS01 Candy Rope Sizer can be supplied as a standalone unit or as part of a complete Loynds candy manufacturing production line. The rope will be fed in from either an extruder machine or a batch roller. The batch is then passed through several sets of solid brass… Read More »