Stickmaster – Candy Cane – Lollipop – Pole Production Line

Engineered for efficient confectionery production, the Stick-master production line is a comprehensive solution for rock candy forming, lollipop manufacturing and candy cane manufacturing.

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Designed for high volume manufacturing, the Stick-master production line is suitable for producing rock candy bars (poles), lollipops, and candy canes with precision and reliability. This high-efficiency, dependable system offers a seamless process from rope forming to cutting and twisting.

The stick-master line can be supplied in various configurations, depending on the products you need to manufacture.

If manufacturing candy canes or lollipops then cut lengths of candy can be fed to a conveyor where the canes and pops can be formed by hand.

If manufacturing straight bars (poles) then the cut candy can be fed to a bar cooling conveyor, designed to support the candy bar as it cools. This ensures that each candy bar retains a perfectly straight shape throughout the cooling process. The bar cooler can then be connected to a flow pack machine for bar wrapping.

We can also supply lines for manufacturing both items and candy can be diverted down the appropriate production route utilising a diverter conveyor.

Key Features

A typical line could include the following machines:

  • Batch Roller – 70kg batch capacity
    For forming the candy mass into a cone shape.
  • 5 Stage Rope Sizer 
    For accurately sizing the candy rope into the required diameter.
  • Stick-master machine 
    Twists the candy design into the classic barbers pole spiral and then accurately cuts it to the required length.
  • Diverter Conveyor
    To divert cut candy to the appropriate conveyor system. Typically only required in a multi product setup.
  • Bar Cooler (only necessary if manufacturing straight bars)
    Featuring evenly spaced rollers to support the stick of candy as it cools into a straight bar. The length can be customised for your application. This can be linked to a flow-pack machine for wrapping the candy bars.
  • Single Tier Cooling Conveyor (length is customisable)
    Cut lengths of candy are fed to this conveyor where they can then be hand formed into candy canes or lollipops.


  1. The prepared batch of candy is loaded into the batch roller machine
  2. The batch roller forms the batch into a conical shape
  3. The cone of candy is fed into the rope sizer
  4. The rope sizer machine forms a consistently sized rope
  5. The rope is fed into the stick master machine
  6. The stick master twists and cuts the candy into your preferred size.
  7. If manufacturing bars, the cut candy is transferred to a bar cooler. Following this the cooled bars can be fed to a flow pack.
  8. If manufacturing candy canes, the candy pieces are fed onto the cooling conveyor. From here they can be formed by hand into candy canes or lollipops. Alternatively these pieces can be transferred to subsequent equipment for further processing.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity:  Capable of producing up to 200 pieces of cut candy per minute (dependant on the final piece size).
  • Material: Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Product: Candy Canes, Twirly Lollipops, and Traditional Rock Candy Sticks (bars or poles)
  • Individual Machinery Weight:
    Batch Roller – BR01: 1120Kg
    Rope Sizer – RS01: 580Kg
    Stick Master – SM01: 465Kg
    Conveyors: Subject to customer requirements.
  • Individual Machinery Dimensions:
    Batch Roller – BR01: (L)2000mm x (W)600mm x (H)1600mm.
    Rope Sizer – RS01: (L)1500mm x (W)600mm x (H)1650mm.
    Stick Master – SM01: (L)1600mm x (W)800mm x (H)1450mm.
    Conveyors: Subject to customer requirements.
  • Individual Machinery Power:
    Batch Roller – BR01: 8kW
    Rope Sizer – RS01: 4kW
    Stick Master – SM01: 3kW
    Conveyors: Subject to customer requirements.

Installation and Support

For those in need of installation and training , we provide supplementary options such as installation and training programmes. Additionally, we offer expertise in recipe formulation and specialised instruction in confectionery production via our network of recipe consultants.



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