Case Study – Den Gouden Haan

Sugar Free Artisan Bonbon Manufacturing Discover how Den gouden haan launched a range of hand crafted, artisan sugar free bonbons. For over a decade, “Den gouden haan” located in Nijlen, Antwerp, Belgium, has dedicated itself to crafting exquisite Advocaat using a traditional recipe. This delectable artisanal liqueur is not only… Read More »

Simple Hard Candy Recipe

If you’re new to candy making, then this straight forward hard candy recipe will get you started. Equally suitable for artisan¬†manufacturers and automated industrial production. INGREDIENTS 60 Parts White Granulated Sugar 40 Parts Liquid Confectionery Glucose (Corn Syrup) Golden Syrup can be substituted if required. Water (just enough to cover… Read More »

Exploring Sweet Possibilities: 10 Product Ideas using a Candy Drop Roller

So what products can you make using a drop roller? Unlock endless confectionery possibilities with the Loynds Drop Roller machine! Create a variety of sweets with ease by quickly and easily swapping out the rollers, each engraved with the impression of your desired sweet. Get creative by experimenting with different… Read More »

Mastering Candy Making with this Candy Recipe & Drop Roller Process

If your new to candy making or using a drop roller, then this straight forward hard candy recipe and process will get your started. Designed for artisan producers who prefer the personal touch of crafting small batches by hand, this method can also be effortlessly adapted for larger, automated industrial… Read More »

Tools and Equipment for Mastering the Candy Drop Roller

Mini Candy Drop Roller Machine

SO HOW DO YOU GET THE MOST OUT OF A DROP ROLLER? A Drop Roller is a multifunctional piece of candy manufacturing equipment, adept at working in tandem with other machines to create an array of confectionery products. Impressively, it can also operate independently with minimal supplementary equipment. Its compact… Read More »

Using Candy Machinery for the Production of Edible Cannabis Products

The edible cannabis industry is a rapidly growing market, with an increasing number of people seeking out THC-infused treats as an alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis. As demand for these products continues to rise, many companies are turning to candy machinery to streamline their production processes and increase efficiency…. Read More »