Quad-Side Bagging Machine-BM16

This machine creates a smooth 4-sided bag with vertical sealing and bottom gusset, so the bag will stand up on its own. It has the capability to produce bags of various sizes (see below) and has an output of approx. 50 per minute.   It can accept a film with… Read More »

Forming Shoulders – Collars

forming shoulders forming collars loynds

Loynds can supply all types of forming shoulders for most makes of bagging machines. Simple ones, complicated ones; it doesn’t matter we can make them all. Once we know your requirement we will quote. All our shoulders and tubes can be made and coated with from various materials. All sizes… Read More »

Thermal Ribbon Printers

The high performance, low cost thermal transfer printers are versatile enough for printing fixed and variable text, data and graphics. It is ideal for reproducing bar codes, real time, sell-by dates, batch numbers, prices, source codes and much more. Two component models of brackets (Intermittent & Continuous) can be easily integrated to… Read More »

Lazy Susan Packing Table-BM07

The Lazy Susan rotating table is ideal for placement at the end of your bagging or wrapping line. Stops product piling up to assist operators’ packing. With a standard diameter of 1000mm, there’s plenty of space to hold bagged product with options for larger sizes available. Features 1000mm Diameter Sturdy… Read More »

Metal Detector-BM08

Loynds Metal Detector

Detects metal in packed product to specification. Designed for food industrial and Pharmaceutical industrial use. Also fit for detecting chemical and rubber products.   Features Based on High speed 32bit CPU control circuit LCD with Touch Screen, Easy operation Multi-Functional OS and dual-language DSP Technology and digital signal filter 100… Read More »

Linear vibration feeding units

The machine consists of a hopper for feeding a controlled amount of product along the vibrating conveying system which will ultimately move the product to destination.   Product can be intermittently dumped into these hoppers and vibration can be controlled so that a consistent feed of product enters the system…. Read More »

Inclined Belt Conveyor – BM05

Swan neck or z-type conveyors for taking product from ground level up to your weighing machine. A variety of belt types can be supplied depending on your product including buckets and flights to stop fall back of product. Side walls can be added to aid in containing loose items. Conveyors… Read More »

Carton Sealer-BM04

Loynds carton sealer

Semi-automatic carton tape sealing machine with two width adjustable motor-driven side traction belts to transport the carton through the machine. The machine is manually adjustable for different carton sizes, the unit works with 75mm wide sticky tape. The unit can be supplied with optional infeed & outfeed roller conveyors and… Read More »

High Speed Ink Roller Coders

Motor driven continuous & intermittent motion coders. All models come with LED display panel with industrial grade buttons and east to use interface. It supports 3 signal types: NPN, PNP and PLC. The unit supports 2 print modes, Auto Track Mode and Fixed Delay Mode. Hot Ribbon stamp printers are… Read More »