Semi-Automatic Vacuum Cooker for Industrial Candy Manufacturing – VC01

Our semi-automatic vacuum cookers are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-quality candy production. Ideal for boiling sugar and isomalt syrups, these cookers can handle up to 500kg per hour. Customise settings for production quantity, vacuum, cooking temperature, and more, to achieve silky-smooth and crystal-clear confectionary. Why Choose Our… Read More »

Rotary Blade Thin Film Candy Cooker – RTC01

The Loynds Rotary Blade Thin Film Cooker offers precise control in candy production, suitable for high-volume confectionery manufacturing. Specializing in high boiled sugar and sugar-free candies, our cooker excels in efficient and rapid confectionery cooking with 2 capacities, 360kg per hour and 500kg per hour. Thin-Film Cooking Technology for Superior… Read More »

Gas-Powered Candy Cooking Kettle: GC01, GC02, GC03

Our range of gas-powered open pan candy cooking kettles, models GC01, GC02, and GC03, are engineered for precision and efficiency in confectionery manufacturing. These kettles are ideal for creating a variety of confections including hard candy, fudge, toffee, chews, and fondants. Their versatile design also makes them suitable for other… Read More »