Flat Lollipop Machine Production System – FLM01

The flat lollipop machine handles each stage of the process, from cutting the candy rope, inserting the stick, forming the lollipop, and wrapping it in a sandwich style wrapper. The machine provides adjustment to the thickness of the lollipop meaning you can control the weight of each pop. The lollipop… Read More »

Case Study – Stanton & Novelty Confectioners

Manufacturing and Packaging Ball Lollipops Discover how Stanton and Novelty started manufacturing ball lollipops with a Loynds ball lollipop forming machine and wrapping machine. Stanton and Novelty, a family-owned business now in its third generation, is a renowned name in the candy confectionery industry. Having its roots established in 1969,… Read More »

Unravelling the Colourful Language of Historic Sugar Boiling

Unravelling the Colourful Language of Historic Sugar Boiling In the history of candy making, it’s worth taking a moment to recognize the grit and fortitude of the sugar boilers of yesteryears. Without the luxury of modern tools such as thermometers, these unsung culinary pioneers routinely dipped their fingers into hot… Read More »

Simple Chewing Toffee / Caramel Recipe for Cut and Wrap Machines

The commercial production of chewing toffee, like many products, requires a precise combination of carefully selected ingredients, expertly monitored processes, and the right equipment designed for efficiency and uniformity. The following recipe acts as a guide but no guarantee of accuracy is promised. Commercial production of chewing toffees and caramels… Read More »

Used Single Nozzle Extruder with Rotary Blade Cutter

The machine is a heavy-duty twin screw extruder suitable for soft candy & gum products. The¬†extruder is variable in extrusion & cutter speed. It has an electrically heated body and a water jacket at the nozzle end for hot or cold water. The machine was last used on a Taffy… Read More »

Stick Pack Confectionery Packaging Machine – SP01

Optimize your candy packaging process with the Stick Pack machine, engineered to consolidate both wrapped and unwrapped confectionery into stick packs with ease. This system is designed to integrate seamlessly with cut and fold wrapping machine, facilitating the automated grouping of confectionery into organized stick packs. It arranges each candy… Read More »