Case Study – SunDrift

Automating Cannabis-Infused Candy Production Discover how SunDrift transformed their production of cannabis infused candies with the CD05 Laboratory Depositing Machine. SunDrift is a husband-and-wife-founded edible cannabis manufacturing company hailing from Massachusetts, USA. Born during the lockdowns of Covid-19, David had been experimenting in the kitchen with a hard candy recipe… Read More »

Case Study – AD Evropa

Streamlining The Manufacturing of Candy Canes Discover how Evropa improved there candy cane manufacturing setup. “Evropa” is a renowned confectionery company that has thrived in the market since 1882, making it one of the oldest on the Balkans. With over 135 years of experience, it has become a stable industrial… Read More »

Stick-master / Candy Bar Cutting and Twisting Machine – SM01

The Loynds SM01 Stick-master is a sophisticated piece of Confectionery Equipment engineered for the automatic cutting and twisting of a candy rope to produce uniform and consistent lengths of candy. The machine is primarily used for the manufacturing of candy canes, twirly lollipops, and traditional candy sticks. The machine is… Read More »