Exploring Sweet Possibilities: 10 Product Ideas using a Candy Drop Roller

So what products can you make using a drop roller? Unlock endless confectionery possibilities with the Loynds Drop Roller machine! Create a variety of sweets with ease by quickly and easily swapping out the rollers, each engraved with the impression of your desired sweet. Get creative by experimenting with different… Read More »

Mastering Candy Making with this Candy Recipe & Drop Roller Process

If your new to candy making or using a drop roller, then this straight forward hard candy recipe and process will get your started. Designed for artisan producers who prefer the personal touch of crafting small batches by hand, this method can also be effortlessly adapted for larger, automated industrial… Read More »

Tools and Equipment for Mastering the Candy Drop Roller

Mini Candy Drop Roller Machine

SO HOW DO YOU GET THE MOST OUT OF A DROP ROLLER? A Drop Roller is a multifunctional piece of candy manufacturing equipment, adept at working in tandem with other machines to create an array of confectionery products. Impressively, it can also operate independently with minimal supplementary equipment. Its compact… Read More »

Plastic Lollipop Stick Extrusion Line

Ideal for a candy lollipop manufacturer, so he can make his own hollow or solid plastic lollipop sticks. The line consist of: Plastic Extrusions Machine: Plastic extrusion machine presently set for extruding a continuous plastic solid rod, of a diameter between 3mm to 6m. Speed is adjustable giving flexibility of extrusion rate. Speed approx 120 per… Read More »

Short Run Bag Printing Ideal for Packing Confectionery

Did you know our sister company Yolli manufactures polypropylene bags for the food industry. Due to recent investment in thermal ribbon printers Yolli can now print information directly onto these bags. For companies who are currently using labels to display ingredients, nutritional data, barcodes and other essential details our new… Read More »