Used Display cabinets

Made from clear acrylic with key lock, 4 available 2 vertical dimensions1500mm x 600mm x 250mmwith three shelves& two horizontal dimensions 1500mm x 500mm x 250mm, two shelves. Only used in showroom.

Used Coders Printers DK-1300a

Hot ink roller coder suitable for flowpack or bagging machines, 600 prints per minute. Complete with print type set. 600 prints per minute. 1 available New.

Used Coders Printers DK1100a

Hot ink roller coder suitable for flowpack or bagging machines, 300 prints per minute. Complete with print type set. 300 prints per minute. 2 available. New.

Used Coders Printers DK-700

Hot ink ribbon stamp code printer, complete with bracket to fit on Flowpack or bagging machine. Complete with print type set. 80 prints per minute. 3 available. New

Used Coders Printers

DK-100 Press down, hot stamp coder. Place a flat object like a label of bag under the print head and press down, the unit will then print a code with thermal ink ribbon. Complete with print type set. 6 available New.

Used Impulse sealers 300mm & 400mm Jaws

Foot operated heat-sealing machine, simple to use simply plug in set the temperature, place a bag under the heated jaws and press the foot pedal to seal. Some with coders. Ex Demonstration Machine as new.

Used Carton Coding Devise

Automatic roll carton printer, simple to setup and use, comes complete with type face & ink. New.

Used Carton Coding Devise

Hand roll carton printer, simple to setup and use, comes complete with type face & ink. As new.

Used Vacuum Sealers

chamber size 380mm x 270mm x 50mm. 2 available. Ex Demonstration Machine. As new.

Used Labelling machines

Two x table tom labelling machines. The machines may require some parts.

Used Extending loading/unloading conveyors

Concertina type extending conveyor, ideal for moving cartons quickly from vehicles production lines etc. The unit has a series of free rotating wheels which freely rotate to move cartons etc forward. New Unused. Working dimensions expanded 3100m x 450mm, height adjustable 700mm – 950mm. Dimensions pushed together 1m long. Two… Read More »

Used Carton roller conveyor

for ease of moving cartons from packing area or to feed a case taping machine. Working dimensions 2m x 550mm x 800mm mounted on screw in adjustable feet. 5 available. New Units.

Used Plastic Lollipop Extrusion Line

For the manufacture of solid plastic lollipop sticks The line consists of plastic extrusion machine with automatic hopper load, Water batch cooling system, haul off unit & rotary cutter. Ex Loynds Sister Company Machine ( Machine fully working, presently still in production.

Used Jacketed Auger Production Feeders

Two units available for hot water or low-pressure steam, driven by in-line motor/gearbox. Screw diameter approx. 120mm x 1200mm long. Screw and walled jacket from stainless steel.

Used Bag Sealing Machine

1100mm long x 170mm wide. For sealing the top of a filled bag. Variable speed. Height is adjustable. Temperature control. New machine complete with spare parts. Ex Demonstration Machine as new.

Used Heat Shrink Tunnel for jars or bottles

with through variable speed steel conveyor belt 2200mm long x 82mm wide. Heat tunnel aperture dimensions 340mm high x 150mm wide. Working height 900mm adjustable upto 1050mm. Ex Demonstration Machine. As new.

Used Inverted flowpack Machine

Film comes from below the feed table and the products are put on the film and not in a chain feed.

Used Twin Lane Linear weigher

Stainless Steel two lane tabletop (can be mounted on a stand) weighing machine. Weight range 30g X 3kg. Suitable for free-flowing granular type products. Machine consisted of a twin hopper, linear vibration feed trays and two weigh pans. Control is by touch screen. Simply set the weight, add product to… Read More »

Used Aligned Feeder conveyor

For small bar & piece products that require the orientation from a random orientation to all in line orientation, normally used on Flowpack& Twist Wrapping machine lines. Ex Demonstration Machine as new.

Used 10 Head computerised weighers

These units are high accuracy multi head weighers controlled by touch screens. Can be used on any bagging machine, ready for despatch 2 available. New units and they have a 12-month warranty.

Used Loynds 420 Bagging Machine

(Old generation 2017), touch screen control, servo motor and pneumatic movements. Euro-slot punch. Block bottom attachment. The machine only run on trials in our showroom. We have new 10 multi-head weighers in stock that can feed this machine. All complete and in full working order. Max speed 70 bags per… Read More »

Used Twirly Lollipop Wrapping Machine

For the wrapping of hand made Twirly/Swirly lollipops, can also wrap other lollipops with a footprint of up to 100mm long x 90mm wide. Speed up to 100 per minute. Complete with print registration unit. Ex Demonstration Machine. Machine all works OK.

Used Iman Flowpack

Hand feed flowpack or bars etc. Machine need work before it can go into production. The machine is priced accordingly