Candy Forming Machine Uniplast – CF01

Uniplast Candy Forming Machine

Rotary forming machine for candy manufacturing with one set of rope sizing wheels and a Uniplast type impression die. The machine has a variable output of up to 500kg per hour. The machine has a spreading conveyor for evenly distributing the product onto the cooling conveyor. Length 9000mm Width 1970mm… Read More »

Vibration Machine – CN05

The unit vibrates the mould on the conveyor to remove air bubbles trapped inside the chocolate and evens out the deposited chocolates. At the lower part of the machine is the return conveyor for the moulds as they return after being cooled. HDMI & servo Control.  

High Speed Cut and Twist Wrap Machine BZ01

Cut and Wrap

Cut and Twist Wrap Machine (C&TW800) 800 pieces per minute cut and fold wrap machine suitable for chewing gums, soft caramels, candies. Machine features include rope sizing, cutting, single or double paper wrapping. The machine will wrap is also available in either end fold, bottom fold or envelope fold type… Read More »

Candy Mini Wrapping Machine-MW03

The Candy Mini Wrap packaging machine is suitable for wrapping small candies & lollipops (rounds, balls, ovals, oblongs, squares etc). The machine comes complete with a print registration unit and output is between 20 – 800 wraps per minute. Wrapping speed is dependent on the product. Bag length is controlled… Read More »

Refrigerated Lollipop Cooler-BL03

BL03 Refrigerated lollipop cooler 1

Refrigerated five tier shaking bed cooling system for ball lollipops. Each of the five tiers have adjustment for the angle of lollipop travel. The tiers are perforated so the forced air can circulate through them. Chilled air is circulated around the tiers to cool the lollipops. The whole unit is… Read More »