Used Flowpack S Wrapping Machine

Used Flowpack S Wrapping Machine, last used for wrapping fudge bars, the machine is adjustable in film length and is fitted with a adjustable folding box for different widths of product. The machine is variable in speed. Runs OK workshop service prior to despatch.

JKV Chocolate Depositor

Chocolate Moulding Machine JKV for solid chocolate or compound. Machine works with 135 x 175mm chocolate moulds. Machine has self contained electric heating, adjustable deposits.

Used Concrete Mixer

Ex Concrete Mixer with stainless steel bowl, last used for mixing sherbets.

Used Ambient Cooler

Single tier cooling conveyor unit, variable speed approximately 7 metres long, with overhead ducting for ambient cooling onto the belt.

Condenser Unit

Refrigerated gas condenser units for cooling systems, gas type units three available, as new.

Used Chiller Unit

Chiller Unit Self Contained. Small chiller unit in its own enclosure producing cold water that can be used in cooling units.

Used Plastic Scrap Grinder

Plastic’s scrap grinder for extruded and injected plastic polymer waste plastic, grinds into small granules.

Used Tempering Chiller

Small stand alone chiller unit, was used for a 100kg tempering machine, can be used to chill water or Glycol, we also have some condenser units which can be seen here.