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A Drop Roller is a multifunctional piece of candy manufacturing equipment, adept at working in tandem with other machines to create an array of confectionery products. Impressively, it can also operate independently with minimal supplementary equipment. Its compact design is perfect for small kitchen spaces, and the table top-mounted construction ensures effortless manoeuvrability. Explore the following assortment of machinery and equipment designed to enhance the production of various products when used in conjunction with a drop roller:


If you’re making small batches of candy then you can use a table top induction hob, a deep stainless pan, and a candy thermometer. Typically, sugar, glucose, and water are heated to a specific temperature for a batch of hard candy.


After the batch is cooked, it is poured onto the cold table that has a thick stainless-steel surface that is cooled by a connected water source. Alternatively Loynds can supply a self-contained cooling unit for all cold tables. Water is circulated through an internal serpentine which helps the candy firm up as it cools. After pouring the batch onto the cold table, colour, flavour, and acid are typically added and then the candy is turned in until the desired consistency is reached for forming. Cold tables can be supplied with or without a stand. For small, infrequent batches, a granite worktop can also be used for tempering. However, it should be noted that this method is only suitable for low-volume production as the granite surface will quickly become too warm to effectively cool the candy.


Candy making shears are ideal for cutting through candy in a plastic state, they are designed to fit comfortably in the hand for a firm grip. These shears are used to cut the cooled batch into pieces after the colour and flavour have been added. They are an essential tool for a candy maker, much like an artist’s brush is to a painter.


Candy Makers Gloves are specially designed gloves made from food-grade materials, suitable for candy making, baking, and other food-related activities. They provide protection from burns and cuts, improved hygiene, increased dexterity and flexibility, and are waterproof. They are lightweight and comfortable for extended use. These gloves are a must-have for any candy maker, baker or anyone else who works with food for safety and ease of use.


Once the candy reaches the correct temperature, it is often transferred to a hot table. This is especially useful when creating intricate designs or patterns in the candy, such as lettering or multi-coloured designs. By keeping the candy malleable on the hot table, it allows more time to assemble the batch before final processing, making it a helpful tool for novice candy makers. The hot table prevents the candy from cooling completely, allowing the candy maker to work on the candy with more ease and precision.

Drop Roller Recipe & Process - Hot Table


These bowls are perfect for maintaining the soft and pliable consistency of candy. They allow you to keep the candy in a malleable state for extended periods, depending on the recipe. This makes them a valuable tool for candy making, as it allows more time to work with the candy and create intricate designs or patterns. Furthermore, it’s a perfect solution for candy makers who need to hold and work on candy for a longer period of time.


The pulling machine is a valuable tool for candy making, as it automatically folds the batch into itself, incorporating air to bulk up the volume of the candy. This process not only increases the volume of the batch by aeration, but it also changes the texture of the candy, making it smoother and more delicate. Additionally, it can be used to change the colour of the candy, such as turning a plain batch white or creating variations of colours such as red to pink. For small batches, the pulling motion can be simulated by hand, using a hook to achieve similar results. This allows candy makers to have more control and precision over the texture and volume of their candy.


An alternative to the Pulling Machine is the Pulling Hook, a hand-operated tool that can be used to add air to the candy batch by hand. The batch is thrown over the hook and pulled around in a circular motion, simulating the action of the Pulling Machine. This process incorporates air into the batch, increasing its volume and making it smoother and more delicate. The Pulling Hook is a simple, yet effective tool that can be used by candy makers as an alternative to the Pulling Machine, allowing them to have more control and precision over the texture and volume of their candy. It’s a great option for those who prefer a manual process or working with smaller batches. Pulling the batch also turns the candy white / opaque, which is ideal for striping.


A non-stick rolling pin is used to reduce the size of the candy batch by rolling it out into a ribbon of appropriate size for the candy Drop Roller machine. It is also used to roll the outer casings of fancy rock candy with logos and other designs, allowing for smooth and professional looking candy.


Once the candy ribbon has been put through the drop roller, you will have a web of connected sweets. To ensure the web is cooled properly, it should be placed on a cold surface, this can be assisted with a fan. Once cooled, the web will be brittle to the touch, and agitation with hands will break it into individual candy pieces. These candy pieces may have small sharp edges from the webbing. To smooth these edges, the candy can be tumbled in a plastic tub with a lid and then shaken in a sieve to deburr and smooth them off. The scraps can be saved for recycling into the next batch.

Drop Roller Recipe & Process - Breaking of the Candies


Scrapers are useful for various tasks when making candies. They are useful for turning the batch while in a plastic state on the cold table. The scraper is also useful when the cooled ribbon has come out of the drop roller and needs to be broken up into individual sweets.


When the ribbon of candy has come out of the drop roller, the ribbons can be left on the slab or cooling table to harden. A simple axial fan can be used to blow ambient air over the candy. This will speed up the cooling process, making the ribbon brittle and ready for breaking up into individual sweets.

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