Sugar Confectionery Pulling Machine 10kg – PM01

10Kg batch capacity Sugar Pulling Machines are used for the aeration of both hard and soft candy masses.

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The 10Kg capacity Sugar Confectionery Pulling Machine is essential for aerating and pulling both hard and soft candy masses. Its primary function is to incorporate air into the confectionery batch. This has multiple effects, including increasing the volume of the candy mass without increasing its weight, turning the colour white and changing the mouth texture when eaten.

Capacity and Suitability

The PM01 model is designed for small to medium volume candy manufacturers. The pulling machine has a 10kg batch capacity, making it an ideal choice for small batches or for use in recipe development kitchens. Its compact size is ideal for people with limited space.

Design and Operation

The PM01 is mounted on a working height frame facilitating easy loading of the machine. It is equipped with a three-arm system: one stationary central arm and two moving arms. These arms rotate around the central arm, effectively pulling and stretching the candy mass. The arms are coated with PTFE non-stick material, ensuring ease of candy removal post-processing.


Manufactured from stainless steel, the candy pulling machine is robust and hygienic, essential for food processing equipment. The machine’s dimensions, including guarding, are 570mm x 870mm x 1090mm. The machine can be supplied with or without the working height stand and can also be fitted with castors for easy moving around your production space.

Available Models

In addition to the 10kg model, the Sugar Pulling Machine is available in larger capacities of 25kg and 35kg, catering to a wider range of production requirements.


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