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Sugar Pulling Machine 5kg – PM01

Sugar pulling machines are used for the pulling and aeration of both hard and soft candy masses. We can supply the machine with a capacity of 25kg and 35kg. This is a smaller version with a capacity of 5kg, which makes it perfect for test batches and small demonstrations.

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The table top mini pulling machine is for pulling candy batches of approx 5kg in weight.  The unit is a three arm unit, one central stationery arm & two moving arms which rotate around the center arm, pulling and stretching the mass. The arms of the pulling machine are coated with PTFE non stick material, which make the candy easy to remove after processing.

The pulling machine is used to pull the candy to a whitened, opaque state or to introduce air bubbles into the batch that will make the candy mass larger for its weight.

Manufactured from stainless steel. Machine dimensions with guarding 570mm x 870mm x 1090mm.

Can be supplied on a stand with castors.

Models of Sugar Pulling Machine available:


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