Sugar / Candy Pulling Machines: PM02 and PM03 Models

Loynds Sugar Pulling Machines are used for the pulling and aeration of both hard and soft candy masses.

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Sugar Pulling Machines are a key piece of equipment in the confectionery industry for the effective aeration and pulling of both hard and soft candy masses. Our pulling machines are available in varying capacities to suit diverse production needs: the PM02 with a 25kg capacity, and the PM03 boasting a 35kg capacity. Additionally, for smaller scale operations, our PM01 model has a 5Kg capacity.
The pulling motion adds air into the batch of candy. This has multiple effects; increasing the volume of candy, changing its mouth feel and also helping change the colour to white.

Robust Construction and Design

Crafted for durability and long-term use, the body of the sugar pulling machines is constructed from heavy-duty, cast steel. This ensures a robust framework, capable of withstanding the rigors of continuous operation. The design of these machines is not only time-tested but also optimized for performance in the confectionery manufacturing process.

3 Arm Configuration for Efficient Processing

Central to these machines is a unique three-arm mechanism. This includes one stationary arm and two revolving arms, all of which are covered in nylon. This design prevents the sticking of candy mass to the arms, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted pulling process.
The candy mass is placed over the arms, and once the machine is switched on, the candy mass is continuously pulled around the arms.

Enhanced Candy Quality through Aeration

One of the key benefits of using Loynds Sugar Pulling Machines is the enhancement in candy quality. The pulling and stretching action executed by the machine significantly whitens and aerates the sugar candy mass, resulting in a superior end product. The aeration gives more volume to the candy and changes the mouth feel.

Integrated Features for Safety and Convenience

The pulling machines come standard with stainless steel catch trays. Additionally, the machines are supplied with an operator safety guard which is electrically interlocked meaning the machine will stop as soon as the guard is opened. Additionally the machines are fitted with emergency stop buttons.


  • PM01: Ideal for small-scale production with a 5kg capacity.
    Dimensions: 570mm x 870mm x 1090mm.
    Weight: 120Kg
  • PM02: Designed for mid-level production, offering a 25kg capacity.
    Dimensions: 1110mm x 994mm x 1091mm
    Weight: 550Kg
  • PM03: Catering to higher production demands with a 35kg capacity.
    Dimensions: 1350mm x 1260mm x 1200mm
    Weight: 650Kg


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