Drop Roller Candy Machines – DR01 & DR02: For Artisan Candy Manufacturing

The Loynds Drop Roller Candy Machine is suitable for low to medium volume artisan candy manufacturers, or for use in recipe development kitchens.

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The Loynds Drop Roller Candy Machines, including the DR01 (motor driven) and DR02 (hand turned) models, are expertly engineered for artisan candy manufacturers and for use in recipe development kitchens. These machines are uniquely designed to cater to low to medium-volume production, ensuring precision and quality in every batch.

How it Works

  1. Cook, cool and prepare your candy into sheets.
  2. Feed the sheet of candy into the drop roller machine
  3. The forming rollers will form the sweet shape onto the candy
  4. The formed sheets of candy are left to cool
  5. Break up the sheet of formed candy into individual sweets
  6. Sieve the candies to debur of sharp edges
  7. Pack you candies
  • We have created a detailed guide and suggested recipe for  using a drop roller here.

Interchangeable Brass Forming Rollers: Versatility and Efficiency

The Loynds Drop Roller Machines feature interchangeable brass forming rollers. This flexibility allows for a broad range of candy shapes to be manufactured using a single machine, significantly enhancing production efficiency. The machine has been designed to facilitate quick and easy changeover of rollers requiring no tools. This is ideal for businesses aiming to diversify their candy offerings without the need for multiple machines.

Cost-Effective Solution for Die-Formed Hard Candy

Both DR01 and DR02 models provide a cost-effective solution for producing die-formed hard candies. These machines are an economical choice for businesses seeking to produce high-quality candies without a significant investment in large-scale machinery.

Models Overview: Motorised DR01 & Hand Driven DR02 The range includes:

  1. Motorised Version (DR01): Ideal for more continuous automated production.
  2. Hand Driven Version (DR02): Perfect for more artisanal, hands-on candy making.

Single and Dual Colour Candy Possibilities

These machines are capable of producing both solid single colour candies and two-colour layered candies, offering versatility in product design. The brass rollers, engraved with various candy designs, shape a continuous ribbon of candy into the desired form.

Product Shape Options

The rollers can be engraved to create a variety of shapes, including ovals, rounds, balls, oblongs, pears, lemons, flat drops, and other novelty shapes. This allows for customization to meet specific market demands or creative visions. Additionally, you could have multiple shapes engraved onto a single set of rollers.
Example drop roller designs can be seen here: Drop roller die designs

Capability for Bar Products and Automation

In addition to traditional candy shapes, some bar products can also be manufactured using specially designed rollers. Further automation can be integrated into the production line with additional machines, enhancing efficiency and output.

UK Craftsmanship Proudly designed and built in the UK, our drop roller machines embody superior craftsmanship and durable construction, ensuring long-term reliability.

Production Capacities

  • Motorised Drop Roller (DR01): An experienced operator can produce up to 1000kg of formed candies in an 8-hour shift, depending on candy size.
  • Hand Turned Drop Roller (DR02): Capable of producing up to 200kg of formed candies in an 8-hour shift, with an experienced operator, subject to candy size.

Key Features

  • Motorised Drop Roller (DR01) Dimensions: (L)730mm x (W)520mm x (H)440mm
  • Hand Turned Drop Roller (DR02) Dimensions: (L)600mm x (W)600mm x (H)405mm
  • Weight: 64Kg
  • Production Capacity:
    Motorised Drop Roller (DR01): 0 – 1000Kg per hour
    Hand Turned Drop Roller (DR02): 0 – 200Kg per hour
  • Power Motorised: 1kw.
  • Material: Cast Steel, Painted Contact parts food grade steels.
  • Products: Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Toffee

Explore Our Water Cooled Drop Roller

For those requiring even higher output drop roller production can use our Water Cooled Drop Roller Machine which can manufacture up to 300kg of candies per hour.

Drop Roller Videos

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