Sugar Free Artisan Bonbon Manufacturing

Discover how Den gouden haan launched a range of hand crafted, artisan sugar free bonbons.

For over a decade, “Den gouden haan” located in Nijlen, Antwerp, Belgium, has dedicated itself to crafting exquisite Advocaat using a traditional recipe. This delectable artisanal liqueur is not only a true delicacy but has also gained official recognition as a traditional Flemish “Regional Product.” As well as this, they also make a full range of artisan products, preferring items which are largely crafted by hand with minimal mechanization and automation.

The Challenge & Solution

Den gouden haan were looking to start manufacturing artisan, sugar free bonbons using the traditional candy making process with minimal automation.

Den gouden haan decided to go with a candy manufacturing setup utilising machines from the artisan range. The final solution included a Loynds pulling hook for manually aerating the candy batch, a mini cold table and a drop roller machine. The drop roller was supplied with traditional ball and square dies.

The Implementation & Results

The implementation process went smoothly with Den gouden haan self-installing the equipment. There was no onsite installation required from the Loynds team.

Since using the Loynds pulling hook, cold table and drop roller they have increased production from 75kg to 150kg per hour, enabling them to produce a full range of artisanal confections.


“The cooperation with the people of loynds candy machines went smoothly. the device does what it should do: form hard candies. The work is currently simpler and more fun than before by hand. keep it up. Geert Dillen”


Den Gouden Haan have been customers with Loynds since 2015 and look forward to the potential of more business in the future.

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