Creamy Fudge Recipe & Method

Fudge is a delicious, traditional sweet treat that is often paired with chocolate, fruit and nuts, as well as many other types of flavours. If you require a more creamy type of fudge, then this recipe & method is ideal to produce a line that normally has a long shelf-life.

Feel free to adjust the ingredients to the size of the batch of fudge you require.


10 Parts – White or mixed white & brown sugar

7.5 Parts – Glucose syrup

4.5 Parts – Sweetened skimmed condensed milk

3.25 Parts – Shredded H.P.K.O

0.75 Parts Dairy butter or margarine

0.05 parts – Lecithin

Sufficient salt to taste

Add water as required


  1. Dissolve all of the ingredients listed above together, using only sufficient heat to dissolve the fat and sugar grains. In the meantime ensure that you are stirring the batch constantly, and vigorously, for around 5-10 minutes, before proceeding to actually cook.
  2. After thoroughly pre-mixing your batch, continue stirring and cook the batch to 119-121°C, according to the final firmness you desire.
  3. Once you have finished cooking, turn out the syrup batch into a cool hand pan and allow the syrup to cool to approximately 99°C.
  4. Slowly, but thoroughly, stir-in 7.5 parts basic fondant and in the meantime, add any flavour as required.
  5. Turn out the batch onto paper-lined boards or trays and level off by tapping down, or passing a roller or straight edge across its surface.

Should any “spotting” occur, then the fondant is being added and the batch turned out whilst it retains too high of a temperature. 

Now, you have a delicious batch of creamy fudge.


If you would like to cut your batch of fudge into oblongs, squares or bars, our rotary blade fudge cutter can process maximum batch sizes of 480mm x 460mm at speeds of up to five batches every minute.

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