Standard Dual Purpose Candy Cold / Hot Table-Water Fed-CCT01

The Loynds range of cold tables are essential in most candy manufacturing operations. The cold table is water cooled with a 10mm thick stainless steel top. This ensures even and consistent cooling, batch after batch.

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1990mm long x 990mm, the table has 25mm side bars running all around the table. The table is cooled or heated with cold or hot water running through channels in the table, the inner channels of the table are split into two halves, giving the user different options.

Option 1/ Pipe up the table with cold water flow & use fully as a cold table.

Option 2/ Pipe up the table with hot water flow & use fully as a hot table.

Option 3/ Pipe up one half with cold water flow, pipe up the other half with hot water flow, you can now use the table for cooling and warming product.

Option 4/ Pipe up only one half for cold water flow. Pour your first batch on the un piped side and this half will heat up, then use one side as a cold table and one side as a hot table, you need to have constant batched for the hot side to remain hot enough to be practical.

The table is fitted with a pressure release valve and sits on a tubular box section fixed frame with adjustable feet. Made from 304 stainless steel.


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