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Multi-head weighers

For weighing the correct amount of product ready for bagging

Built in China & UK


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Loynds multi-head weighers ensure that the correct amount of product is passed down to your bagging machine. The weight is fully adjustable for each product you want to bag.

The weigher is gravity fed via a bucket elevator (sold separately) and is positioned above a vertical bagging machine (sold separately).

Product is vibrated into weigh buckets with a weigh accuracy of between ±0.5-2g.

Multi-head weighers are key for high speed and accurate product packing.

We offer a 10-head, 14-head, 20-head and economy 9-head models.


  • Waterproof and dustproof, full stainless-steel construction.
  • Stagger dump avoids big pieces stuck.
  • Multi Language HMI.
  • Screen backlight adjustment.
  • Store up to 99 programmes of pre-sets for quick changeover of products.


Item 10 Head Standard
Multi-head Weigher
14 Head Standard
Multi-head Weigher
20 Head
Multi-head Weigher
Model MW10 MW14 MW20
Weighing Range 15g-2000g 15g-2000g 15g-2000g
Accuracy ±0.5-2g ±0.5-2g ±0.5-2g
Max Speed 60 WPM 110 WPM 60×2 WPM
Power Requirement 220v, 50hz, 1.5kW 220v, 50hz, 2kW 220v, 50hz, 3.5kW
Hopper Volume 1.6L / 2.5L (Double Doors)
Monitor 10.4″ Colour Touch Panel
Dimensions 1436x1086x1258 1600x1136x1374 1628x1628x1486
Optional Extras Independent linear feeder pan, V-shaped linear feeder pan, Skirt on linear feeder pans, Cylinder gate on linear feeder pans, collection bucket.
Rotary top cone, diameter and angle of top cone, 316 stainless-steel, linear feeder pan angle, cross baffle for infeed funnel, Teflon coating, collating chute angle

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