Hand Fed Fold Wrap Machine for Pre Formed Confectionery -FW01

For Pre-Formed Candies Wrapped in “Fold Wrap” Style

Built in China & UK


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The FW01 Hand Feed Fold Wrapping machine is designed for the automatic wrapping of pre-formed candies. It’s suited for various product shapes such as cubes, squares, oblongs, and rectangles with flat bottoms. The machine includes a chain infeed system with an extended operator table. The table is used for sorting and hand feeding product directly into the chain infeed.
This system is suited to products that don’t feed well by vibration. If you have a product suitable for vibratory feeding then please check our auto feed model.
The machine creates a single point under fold wrap and can wrap at speeds of up to 300 pcs per minute. The machine includes a print registration unit for automatic alignment of printed films.


  • Speed: wrap up to 300 candies per minute.
  • Hand Feed Model: Includes a chain infeed system with an extended operator table for sorting and hand feeding product.
  • Print Registration Unit: For aligning printed films onto the product.
  • Product Size Flexibility:
    • Length range: 19mm – 45mm
    • Width range: 12mm – 25mm
    • Height range: 5mm – 16mm
  • Wrap Style: Single Point Under Fold
  • Suitability for Various Candy Shapes: cubes, squares, oblongs, and rectangles with flat bottoms.
  • Set for One Size Configuration: Comes pre-set for a specific size, within the provided size ranges.


  • Dimensions: (L)2450mm x (W)2070mm x (H)1720mm
  • Speed: 300 Pcs per minute
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power: 3Kw

Auto Feed Model

For products suitable for automatic feeding then please check our Auto Feed model.


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