Fold Wrapper Vibratory Auto Feed – FW02

Fold wrapping machine for pre-formed candies with vibration hopper feed

Built in China & UK


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Fold wrapping machine for pre-formed candies with vibration hopper feed. This chain feed fold wrapping machine is suitable for the fold wrapping of cubed, square, oblong, rectangle type flat bottomed products in single point under fold.

The machine can wrap at a maximum speed of 280 candies per minute with automatic feed vibration hopper feed and is variable in speed, being controlled by an inverter unit.
Supplied with a print registration unit for use on centering printed films.

The machine comes set for one size, the size ranges are:
Length: 19mm – 45mm
Width: 12mm – 25mm
Height: 5mm – 16mm

Power: 3kw


  • Variable speed control
  • Print registration unit
  • Up to 280 wraps per minute with automatic feed

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