High-Precision Rotary Die Mini Candy Forming Machine-MF01

The Loynds Mini Candy Forming Machine is ideal for low to medium volume output of rotary die formed candies.

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The Loynds MF01, a robust mini candy forming machine, is the perfect solution for artisan confectioners and small to medium volume candy manufacturers seeking precision and efficiency. This die-formed candy machine excels in low to medium volume output with a maximum capacity of up to 125kg of candies per hour.
Backed by quality British engineering the machine is extremely compact making it an ideal solution for manufacturers with limited space.

Efficient and Hygienic Design

Constructed entirely from food-grade stainless steel, this candy forming machine is not only extremely durable, ensuring reliability and longevity but also provides superior hygiene standards. Its full stainless steel build is easy to clean, maintaining a pristine processing environment.
The machine features a quick release clamping system allowing quick and easy access to the inside of the machine for quick die changeovers and easy cleaning.

Optimised Production

The die speed is fully adjustable via inverter control, the MF01 boasts an impressive output—up to 125Kg per hour of candies, depending on the sweet’s dimensions.
The outfeed of the machine includes a spreading conveyor which moves from side to side. This maximises the distribution of candies onto the cooling conveyor.

Simple Operation with Quick Die Changeovers

The design’s focus on user-friendly operation makes die changeovers quick and straightforward. This minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity, essential for businesses that value time and quality. The machine features a quick release clamping system which opens up the machine body and allows access to the rotary forming dies.
The die can easily be lifted in and out of the machine for cleaning or changeovers.
The machine is supplied as standard with 1 die set built to your product specifications. Additional dies can be supplied by request.

How it Works

The machine is designed to work seamlessly with the Loynds mini batch roller, rope sizer and a cooling conveyor.
However, it will work with any make or model batch roller and rope sizer. It is also compatible with larger models of batch roller and rope sizer as well as the specialized mini versions manufactured by Loynds.

  1. Load candy into the batch roller to form a cone
  2. Feed the candy into the rope sizer to create a uniform candy rope
  3. Feed the uniform candy rope into the mini candy forming machine. The rotary die will cut and form the candy into your chosen shape.
  4. The formed candies are spread onto the cooling conveyor by the oscillating outfeed conveyor on the mini candy forming machine.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for die-formed candy production with a compact footprint.
  • Up to 125Kg of candies per hour, with a variable speed controlled via an inverter.
  • Full stainless steel construction ensures durability and hygienic conditions.
  • Rotary die forming process for precise candy shaping.
  • Die changes are quick and effortless, promoting efficient operation.
  • The machine is supplied with a stainless steel table, ready for integration into your candy making line.
  • Quick release clamping system allowing easy access to the machine internals
  • Emergency stop button to halt the machine instantly
  • Electronic guard switch that stops the machine if the body is opened.


  • Capacity: Up to 125Kg of candies per hour.
  • Weight: 200Kg
  • Power: 1kW
  • Material: Full stainless-steel construction.
  • Products: Hard Candy
  • Dimensions: (L)1100mm x (W)700mm x (H)1350mm

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Installation and Support

The machine is supplied with detailed video manuals that cover every aspect of operation, cleaning, and essential maintenance. These instructional videos aim to simplify the initial setup, ensuring that you can start using your new equipment without delay. Should you require further assistance, we offer additional services including installation and training packages, as well as support in recipe development and specialised training in candy manufacturing.


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The Loynds Mini Candy Forming Machine is ideal for low to medium volume output of rotary die formed candies....


High-Precision Rotary Die Mini Candy Forming Machine-MF01