Bulk Buy Lollipop Sticks

Loynds can supply lollipop sticks in either plastic, paper or wood. Sourced from our partner companies located around the world or manufactured in the UK by our sister company Yolli. We can supply anything from a single box up to multiple containers.

Built in China & UK


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Bulk Buy Lollipop Sticks

Plastic Lollipop Sticks

Our plastic lollipop sticks are available in either solid or hollow formats. Typically our solid sticks are used by low volume, artisan producers.
Our hollow plastic lollipop sticks can be manufactured with either one or two gripping notches. Due to the high tolerances in both length and diameter they are highly suited for use in high speed fully automatic lollipop production lines.
We can supply lollipop sticks in any quantity from a single box up to multiple container loads.

Paper Lollipop Sticks

We supply high quality rolled paper lollipop sticks; these are manufactured from virgin paper pulp. Paper lollipop sticks are biodegradable, which is preferable when environmental issues need to be considered. All of our paper lollipop sticks benefit from high tolerances, which ensures that they are equally suited for use in high speed lollipop production lines.

Wooden Lollipop Sticks

We supply wooden lollipop sticks in many different formats including rounds, flats and square sections. Our wooden sticks are sourced from sustainable sources of birch wood. Wooden sticks are often preferred in hand made products where pops may be heavier than those produced on mechanical production lines.

Other typical wooden sticks we supply include: toffee apple sticks, candy floss sticks, ice lolly sticks and various sticks for the craft industry.

To bulk buy lollipop sticks online you can visit our sister company Yolli.

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