Mini Z-Blade Mixer -ZB01

The Loynds Mini Z-Blade Mixer is the ideal solution the mixing of highly viscous doughs, pastes and gums. Due to its small size, this miniature model is particularly suited to low volume production or product development laboratories.

Built in China & UK


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The Loynds Mini Z-Blade Mixer will mix and knead a wide range of materials including dough, sugar paste, gum and various other high viscosity products. The small size of the machine makes this model particularly suited to low volume production or product and recipe development.

The machine is oil jacketed and the temperature is regulated via electrically controlled heating elements. There is a temperature reader for both the product and the the oil jacket.

The mixing chamber is fitted with 2 heavy duty Z shaped arms which rotate to fully homogenize the batch of product.

Mini Z-blade mixer features

  • All contact parts manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Suitable for mixing highly viscous products.

Total volume 5 L (Total Volume)/3.5L( working volume)
Heating or cooling Heating with external heating medium                                 (Oil or steam heating for option)
pressure of jacket Less than 0.8MPa
In/out port size of heating medium DN15
Power of main motor 1.5kW/4P/AC380V/50Hz/ CE marked, Non ex-proof
Reducer type KW47-25-1.5/ CE marked
Blade type Sigma blade
Material of blade CASTING SUS304
Material of trough Internal surface:6mm SUS304,jacket:6mm SUS304
Material which contacted with product SUS304
Bolt, screws and fixings SUS304
Blade, internal trough polish Polish with 250mesh
Revolution of main shaft Front/Back:58/40rpm
Distance between blade and trough ≤3 mm
Distance between blade and trough end ≤3 mm
Seal of shaft 8*8 Teflon woven packing seal
Discharging method Tilt trough by hand wheel,the tilting angel about 95°
Open method manually,the open angel is about 70°
Close method Press lid manually
nozzle on lid sight glass,release ball valve etc,it also can be make according to customer’s requirement
Temperature sensor PT100 temperature sensor
Electric control system The system has the following functions:

  1. Control motor’s rotation direction and start-stop.
  2. Display of the electric current and the material’s temperature
  3. Emergency stop button
Electrical component Button/breaker/relay/contactor/Emergency stop button/thermal relay/time relay/magnetic guard switches CE marked
Feet on Machine Yes
Paint White paint except the stainless surface
Appearance of size(L×W×H) Approx:930*700*825mm

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