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Chiclet and Stick Gum Line-CGPL

The Loynds Chiclet & Stick Gum Line is for extruding and shaping gum products into a stick form, like Wrigley chewing gum. With the addition of a drum breaker/sifter, the line can also be used for producing small chiclet type gum pieces. The output of the line is approximately 150kg per hour.

Built in China & UK


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Consisting Of:

  • Gum sheet extruder, 300mm sheet, 11kW.
  • Conveying.
  • Powder spreader.
  • 6-stage sheet roller, 300mm wide.
  • Powder Vacuum unit.
  • Gum strip scouring and sheet cutting machine.
  • Scrap return conveyor.
  • Conveying.

The chewing gum line begins with the extrusion of a gum sheet that is then conveyed and automatically powdered on both the top and bottom. After being powdered, the gum sheet is then reduced in thickness by a six-gauge roller unit and further conveyed to the automatic powder removal unit.

The gum sheet enters the scouting and cutting unit and is cut into smaller sheets; rollers create a chiclet/stick impression onto the gum. The sheets are then conveyed away from the machine and an operator will need to stack them so they harden, ready for wrapping. A refrigerated cooling tunnel can be used, if required. Once the gum sheets have hardened, they are then placed in to the breaking and sieving drum and the gum pieces will separate; any crumb webbing is removed.

To coat the gum pieces with sugar and glaze, we are also able to supply 1000mm coating pans.





Extruder 300kg 15.2kw 1500mm x 700mm x 1300mm high
Rolling 300kg 4.1kw 2400mm x 750mm x 1200mm high
Scouring 300kg 2.1kw 1000mm x 780mm x 1150mm high
Cutting 300kg 1.5kw 1000mm x 250mm x 1420mm high
Sieving 300kg 1.5kg 2080mm x 750mm x 1420mm high
Coating Pan 45kg-90kg 1.1kw 1000mm x 1000mm x 1600mm high

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