Vertical Form Fill and Seal Complete Production Line

Loynds Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machinery line is for bagging candies, chocolates, corn snacks, crisps and other small piece products.

Built in China & UK


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The Loynds range of Vertical Form Fill and Seal machinery is robust, simple to operate and very easy to maintain and clean.
The machines are ideal for the automatic weighing and packing of many products including confectionery, seed, nuts, loose materials, powders, grains etc.

A vertical form fill and seal line gives accurate weights and fast packing speeds ensuring your end product is consistent time after time.

Product is loaded into the in-feed hopper at the bottom of the swan neck conveyor. The product is then automatically delivered to the multi head weigher where it is accurately weighed before being dropped into the forming tube of the automatic bagging machine where it is sealed and cut.

Bag lengths and product weight are all fully adjustable. Additional forming tubes can be supplied to give different bag widths.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machinery Consists of:

The bagging line has a speed of up to 110 bags per minute and great accuracy can be achieved on our state-of-the-art 10, 14 and 20 head weighers.

As an extra, we can also supply check weighers, metal detectors, a digital bar code and text web printers. We do have various models of the bagging machine for different bag widths—please specify bag widths required when you contact us.

See videos of the machine being tested:

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