Drop Roller Candy Machine-DR01

Loynds Mini Drop Roller

Drop Roller Candy Machines are a low cost solution to producing die-formed hard candy sweets. The machine can be used to produce either solid single colour candies or two-colour layered candies. A set of brass rollers with the candy design engraved into them continuously forms a ribbon of candy into the required… Read More »

Cushion Cutter-CU01

loynds cushion cutter

The Loynds Cushion Cutter machine is a bench top unit used for making hard and soft candies. Candy rope is pulled through the cushion cutter machine and cut into pillow shaped pieces typically known as humbugs. Once it has been cut, the candy rope is then left to cool and becomes brittle, making… Read More »

Ambient Lollipop Cooler-BL02

The cooler has an oscillating bed which shakes from side to side. This movement combined with the downward slopes keep the lollipops moving through the cooler while stopping the pop resting still and forming flat spots. Flat spots on your product will give problems in the wrapping machine and impact… Read More »

Bulk Buy Lollipop Sticks

Bulk Buy Lollipop sticks from Loynds Yolli

Bulk Buy Lollipop Sticks Plastic Lollipop Sticks Our plastic lollipop sticks are available in either solid or hollow formats. Typically our solid sticks are used by low volume, artisan producers. Our hollow plastic lollipop sticks can be manufactured with either one or two gripping notches. Due to the high tolerances in both length and diameter… Read More »

5-Tier Refrigerated Cooler-RC14

Complete with its own refrigeration system so the cooling temperature can be set as required. Giving perfectly cooled lollipops with no flat spots.

Ball Lollipop Bunch Wrapper 400ppm – BL05

BL05 Ball Lollipop Wrapping Machine is designed for wrapping ball-shaped lollipops in a Bunch style wrap at a speeds of 350-400 lollipops per minute, the machine is fully automatic. Main Data Wrapping style – Bunch Output – 350-400 pcs/min Size Range – Ball diameter: 20-35 mm – Stick diameter: 3-5.8… Read More »

Z Blade Mixers-ZB02,ZB03,ZB04

Z-blade mixers are available in 4 sizes: 50kg, 220kg, 500kg and 1000kg capacities. The machines are suitable for gum and heavy paste-type products. The machines are jacketed for hot water heating with hydraulic power tilting and lid opening which is controlled from the main control panel. The machines can be supplied… Read More »

Sugar Pulling Machine 5kg-PM01

Sugar Pulling Machine

The sugar pulling machine body is manufactured from heavy-duty, cast steel construction and is of a proven design. It has three arms, one is stationary while the other two revolve around it. The arms are covered in nylon so the candy batch doesn’t stick to them. The candy batch is… Read More »

Mini Batch Roller-BR02

The Loynds Mini Batch Roller forms a batch of candy or toffee into a conical shape or rope. The batch is rolled continuously while heat is applied via an overhead heating panel, controlled by a thermostat dial located on the side panel. The machine is suitable for batches of product up to 12kg… Read More »

Mini Hot Table-HT02

Loynds Mini Hot Table

The Loynds range of mini hot tables is the ideal solution for the artisan candy maker. A hot table helps increase the time available to work the batch of candy before it sets and goes too hard. The standard mini hot table dimensions are 1000mm x 650mm although they can be manufactured… Read More »

Mini Cold Table-MCT01

Loynds Mini Cold Table

The Loynds Mini Cold Table is made from a full stainless steel construction. The table top is manufactured from 10mm thick stainless steel to ensure an even cooling of the candy batch and to maximise heat dispersion. 20mm thick side bars run around the full perimeter of the table to ensure… Read More »

Logo Candy Disc Cutting Machines-DC01 & DC02

The Logo Candy Disc Cutting Machine is variable in speed and can also be fitted with rollers and cutters for various diameters and lengths based on your specification. It is usually used in conjunction with a batch roller and rope sizer for continuous production. The machine can also be supplied with… Read More »

Hard Candy Depositing Machine-CD01,CD02,CD03 & CD04

Fully automatic hard candy/soft candy/lollipop depositing production line. Capacities: One row of moulds: 150kg per hour-CD01 Two rows of moulds 300kg per hour-CD02 Three rows of moulds 450kg per hour-CD03 Four rows of moulds 600kg per hour-CD04 The lines can be made in the following formats: Hard candies in various… Read More »