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Logo Candy Disc Cutting Machines-DC01 & DC02

The Logo Candy Disc Cutting Machine is excellent for the cutting of rock candy into perfectly formed discs. Any designs such as fruits, faces or lettering running through the centre will be neatly visible once the candy has been cut. The machine ensures that each candy disc is exactly the same size and will leave the edges of the candy rounded.

Built in China & UK


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The Logo Candy Disc Cutting Machine is variable in speed and can also be fitted with rollers and cutters for various diameters and lengths based on your specification.

It is usually used in conjunction with a batch roller and rope sizer for continuous production. The machine can also be supplied with a single-tier shaking bed cooler.

The machine consists of:

  • Two sets of infeed rollers
  • Long rope cutter
  • Rope transfer
  • Multi-blade disc cutter
  • Fall out chute

Available in the following sizes

Logo Disc Cutter 800mm Width-DC01

Logo Disc Cutter 1000mm Width-DC02

Video of a machine in production:

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