Chain Die Forming Line-CDL

The Loynds Chain Die Forming Line is suitable for the production of hard or soft chewy candies, gums and caramel products with or without a centre filled liquid, jam or paste.

Built in China & UK


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When producing candies with the Loynds Chain Die Forming Line, originally the product is either extruded or spun from a Batch Roller; it then passes through the Rope Sizer to ensure a consistent rope is supplied to the Chain Die Forming Machine. The product is then formed into the required shape before being transferred into the Cooling Tunnel.

The die can be made to your exact requirements.

The Chain Die Forming Line consists of:

  • Extruder or Batch Roller.
  • Rope Sizer.
  • Recovery conveyor (soft candy).
  • Chain-type Die Forming Machine.
  • Cooling tunnel either osculating or multi-tier with or without refrigeration.
  • Dies made to customer preference.

The line is great for making candy products such as chocolate éclairs, as they have a soft caramel outer with a chocolate centre. It is also good for producing centre-filled hard candies.

Machine Capacity Power Dimensions
Extruder 300kg per hr 12kW 1750mm x 480mm x 1650mm
Rope sizer 2.2kW 1780mm x 680mm x 1380mm
Recovery conveyor 0.5kW 4310mm x 500mm x 795mm
Chain die former & spreader 1200pcs/min max 2.2kW 1400mm x 790mm x 940mm
Multi-fridge cooling system 0.55kW 1900mm x 600mm x 920mm


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