Chain Die Forming Line for Candy, Gum & Caramel Production

The Loynds Chain Die Forming Line is engineered for the production of a diverse range of confectionery items. These include hard and soft chewy candies, gums, caramels, and centre-filled products like jams or pastes.

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The Loynds Chain Die Forming Line is specifically designed for the confectionery industry. It is capable of producing an extensive array of confectionery products. This high-capacity production line is capable of manufacturing hard candies, soft chewy candies, gums, caramels, as well as centre-filled products incorporating jams, pastes, or liquid fillings.

Operational Process

  1. Initially, the mixture for your confectionery is either extruded or placed into the Batch Roller.
  2. It is then sized accurately using the Rope Sizer to guarantee uniform output.
  3. The sized rope is finally fed into the Chain Die Forming Machine, where it is formed into its final shape.
  4. Finally the formed sweets are transferred into a Cooling Tunnel, tailored to your precise specifications.

Machinery Included in the Line

  • Extruder or Batch Roller for shaping the initial candy mass. your product type will dictate the most suitable machine
  • Rope Sizer for accurately sizing the rope being fed into the chain die machine
  • Recovery Conveyor, for products which shrink a recover conveyor is used prior to the chain die machine
  • Chain-type Die Forming Machine for precision shaping of the candy into its final shape
  • Cooling Tunnel built according to your requirements
  • Customised dies for the chain die machine built to meet specific production needs

This robust line is particularly well-suited for creating confections such as chocolate éclairs and centre-filled hard candies, offering both versatility and reliability.

Technical Specifications

  • Extruder: Throughput of 300kg per hour, draws 12kW of power, dimensions are (L)1750mm x (W)480mm x (H)1650mm
  • Batch Roller: 70Kg batch capacity, (L)2000mm x (W)600mm x (H)1600mm
  • Rope Sizer: Operates at 2.2kW, with dimensions of (L)1780mm x (W)680mm x (H)1380mm
  • Recovery Conveyor: Functions at 0.5kW, dimensions being (L)4310mm x (W)500mm x (H)795mm
  • Chain Die Former & Spreader: Capable of a maximum output of 1200 pieces per minute, requires 2.2kW, and has dimensions of (L)1400mm x (W)790mm x (H)940mm
  • 5 Tier Cooling System: Operates at 0.55kW, dimensions are 10900mm x 1900mm x 2080mm
  • Uses: Processing and refining cocoa with other ingredients to produce chocolate



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