Z Blade Mixers-ZB02,ZB03,ZB04

Loynds Z-Blade Mixers. Heavy duty Z mixers for tough products. Suitable for bubble gum and chewing gum masses, the mixers will also mix many other stiff products. The mixers are jacketed and have their own self contained heating system. Complete with tilt.

Built in China & UK


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Z-blade mixers are available in 4 sizes: 50kg, 220kg, 500kg and 1000kg capacities. The machines are suitable for gum and heavy paste-type products. The machines are jacketed for hot water heating with hydraulic power tilting and lid opening which is controlled from the main control panel.

The machines can be supplied with a self contained heating system also if required.

The internal construction is manufactured from food grade stainless steel. Inside are sigma style blades for thorough mixing of heavy and viscous type products.

There is also a laboratory size z blade mixer available. Click Here.

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