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Inclined Belt Conveyer

For conveying product upwards, toward a vertical bagging machine setup

Built in China & UK


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Swan neck or z-type conveyors for taking product from ground level up to your weighing machine.

A variety of belt types can be supplied depending on your product including buckets and flights to stop fall back of product. Side walls can be added to aid in containing loose items.

Conveyors are variable speed, and this will typically be controlled automatically in conjunction with the rest of the bagging line.

Product is typically added to the conveyor via feeding device. The height of these conveyors will be built to match the height of your weighing machine.

Outer construction of stainless steel and belt material of food grade plastic.


  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Full control of drive and speed
  • Transport quality:6000 (litres/hour) 18000 (litters/hour)
  • Lifting height:2~10m
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