Chocolate Mini Wrapping Machine

The Loynds Chocolate Mini Wrapping Machine is a high speed pillow pack machine that is suitable for wrapping small chocolate and biscuit products. The machine can be manufactured to pack various length modes; the maximum width is 60mm and the maximum height is 45mm.

Built in China & UK


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The machine consists of a 90 degree conveyor that feeds the product into the chain in-feed. It has a maximum wrapping speed of up to 350 pieces a minute, dependant on the product. A print registration unit and a wrapping counter are standard items and the pack length is changed by a keypad.


Maximum Speed 350 bags/minute
Pack Length 4 cutting jaws 50–75mm
3 cutting jaws 50–110mm
2 cutting jaws 75–180mm
Width Of Film 120mm
Maximum Product Height 25mm
Power 3.1kW
Machine Dimensions 3060mm x 2420mm x 1450mm
Machine Weight 600kg

See videos of the machine being tested & in production:

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