3D Preheating & Demoulding Machine

The 3D Preheating & Demoulding Machine preheats the moulds before depositing takes place. It also removes the product from the mould once it has passed through the cooling tunnel.

Built in China & UK


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3D Preheating & Demoulding Machine

This machine is used for preheating & demoulding 2D & 3D products


Standard functions Preheating moulds, 2D & 3D Demoulding, Butt joint & turning
Special functions Putting in designated place and box packing for 2D & 3D chocolate
Servo motors 3 sets
Speed 8-10 moulds/min (2D) | 6-8 moulds/min (3D)
Power 8.82KW
Dimension 3.89m*1.10m*1.80m

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