Enrober Attachment for Tempering Machine-M1300A

Enrober attachment for tempering machine with double chocolate curtain.

Designed and Built in Europe


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Machine comes complete with vibration station, adjustable blowing unit, detailer, conveyor belt covered with paper (width 200mm). Compatible for all our automatic tempering machines.

The enrober automates the traditional, time consuming coating of confectionery and filling, increasing productivity and efficiency.

The thickness of the chocolate can be adjusted by the vibrating system (adjustable in intensity) and by the blowing unit (adjustable in height and intensity).

At the end of the line the product is placed on a conveyor belt covered with food grade paper. The conveyor belt speed can be set by means of a regulator, adjusting the speed to the specific product and the number of employees.



  • Vibration station
  • Adjustable blowing unit
  • Detailer
  • Paper covered conveyor unit
  • Compatible with all models of Loynds tempering machines


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