Mini Cooling Conveyor for Confectionery Manufacturing – MCC01

Suitable for cooling confectionery products in low to medium volume candy manufacturing.

Designed and Built in UK


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The Loynds Mini Cooling Conveyor is specifically engineered for cooling confectionery products in low to medium volume manufacturing. The conveyor is designed to compliment the different forming options in our artisan range of confectionery machinery.

British Engineering and Compact Design

Manufactured in the UK, the cooling conveyor is extremely compact making it idea for those with limited production space.

Easy Integration and Accessibility

The tunnel is designed to align with the height of a standard workbench, enabling effortless transition of products from your tabletop machines or directly by hand onto the conveyor. This enhances the ease of use and integration into your existing production line.

Cooling Conveyor Features

  • Compact Size: The MCC01’s small dimensions make it suitable for environments where space is a premium.
  • Fan Control: Equipped with 3 axial fans on top, it offers full control over the fan speeds and cooling amount.
  • Variable Belt Speed: The conveyor belt speed can be adjusted, allowing you to control how long product remains underneath the fans.


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