Mixture Depositor

This machine deposits a mixture of chocolate with other ingredients rather than pure chocolate. Options for your mixture include crushed nuts, raisins, cookies, whole nuts and puffed corn etc

Built in China & UK


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Mixture Depositor Features:

  • 50% Mixture volume ratio to improve chocolate taste and lower costs
  • Liquid level sensing, automatic material-feeding: mix materials evenly, accurate gram weight
  • More mixture materials: Rice, crushed nuts and cookies etc
Pistons 18 sets
Quantity of one shot products per cycle 18 pcs
Servo motors 2 sets
Mixture volume ratio ≤50%  (2D chocolate)
Operating system Servo System
Depositing accuracy ≤±0.5g
Depositing speed  180-270pcs/min (below 8g)
Power of mixture depositor 4.6KW
Power of mixing system 4.59KW
Compressed air 120L/h
Dimension 1.50m x 1.25m x 1.90m

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