Rotary Blade Thin Film Candy Cooker

High volume candy cooking system utilising the rotary blade thin film method to achieve the highest quality cooked candy.

Built in China & UK


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The Loynds Rotary Blade Thin Film Cooker offers precise control in candy production, suitable for high-volume confectionery manufacturing. Specializing in high boiled sugar and sugar-free candies, our cooker excels in efficient and rapid confectionery cooking with 2 capacities, 360kg per hour and 500kg per hour.

Thin-Film Cooking Technology for Superior Quality

Harness the advanced “thin-film cooking” method. The rotary blade distributes a thin layer of sugar mixture onto a heated surface. The heat is transferred quickly and evenly through the thin layer, cooking the sugar mixture rapidly and efficiently. This method allows for precise control of the cooking temperature and time, which is crucial for achieving the desired characteristics in the final candy product, such as texture, clarity, and flavour.

Vacuum Cooking for Delicate Ingredients

Our thin film cooker utilises a vacuum system, reducing the boiling point to protect temperature-sensitive ingredients. This feature is pivotal in preventing unwanted caramelization and discoloration, preserving the pristine quality of the final confectionery.

Streamlined Operation for Peak Performance

  • User-Friendly Interface: Streamline your candy-making process with our PLC-controlled system, complete with a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Gain immediate access to essential parameters, optimizing your production workflow.
  • Enhanced Process Visibility: Monitor the candy with clear visibility at the discharge point of the Rotor Cooker.

Superior Process Control

  • Precision Cooking: Achieve rapid cooking with minimal inversion and exact control over the caramelisation process. Our cooker is the perfect solution for producing high-quality candies.

Cleaning and Maintenance Made Simple

  • Stainless Steel Construction: Full stainless steel construction for easy cleaning
  • Easy Maintenance: With a single-piece rotor shaft, maintenance is simple and straightforward.


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Rotary Blade Thin Film Candy Cooker

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