Stick Placing Machine (horizontal)

For the placement of sticks into your CNC deposited chocolate product. This machine inserts the sticks horizontally into the moulded product. We also supply a vertical stick placing machine. The suitability of each machine will depend on the shape of the product and stick you wish to insert.

Built in China & UK


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Stick Placing Machine (horizontal)

For placing sticks horizontally

Regular Stick Model Irregular Stick Model
Application Horizontal placement of sticks Horizontal placement of sticks
Stick Type Round plastic or paper sticks Irregular or Special shaped sticks
Qty per cycle 8-12 pcs depending on mould layout 8-12 pcs depending on mould layout
Speed 80-120pcs /min 80-120pcs /min
Power 1.5KW 1.5KW
Dimensions 2.46m x 1.26m x 1.20m 2.46m x 1.26m x 1.20m

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