Ball Lollipop Bunch Wrapping Machine – 115ppm – BL05

Low speed ball lollipop bunch wrapping machine for speeds of up to 115 lollipops per minute.

Built in China & UK


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The Loynds BL05 is a specialized ball lollipop bunch wrapping machine designed for efficient and consistent wrapping of ball lollipops at speeds of up to 115 lollipops per minute. Lollipops are loaded into the machines hopper where the automatic feed plate will transfer them into the wrapping section.
Lollipops are then individually wrapped in a bunch style wrap.
The machine is controlled via a HMI screen and includes a print registration unit for running printed film and a no product no film sensor to prevent wasted film.


  • Speed: up to 115 ball lollipops per minute.
  • Automation: Features an automatic feed plate and brush feeding mechanism, seamlessly transferring lollipops to the wrapping section.
  • Bunch Style Wrapping: Specifically designed for ball lollipops, providing secure and neat packaging.
  • Size Range: Capable of wrapping lollipops of 20 – 30mm in diameter
  • Print Registration: Compatible with printed films the unit will align the packaging design onto to pop
  • Film Handling: Equipped with an air-assisted film feed for smooth operation.
  • No Product No Film: Incorporates a ‘no lollipop, no film’ sensor, ensuring material efficiency and reducing waste.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Consumption: 4 kW
  • Dimensions: (L)2500mm x (W)920mm x (H)1520mm
  • Weight: 1200Kg
  • Speed: 114 wraps / min
  • Services: Compressed Air


  • Vibratory Hopper Feeder


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