Chain Die Forming Machine for Confectionery Production – CH01

The Loynds Chain Die Forming Machine is suitable for production of a large range of confectionery items including hard candies, soft chews, gums, caramel products, chocolate éclairs and more.

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The Chain Die Forming Machine is engineered for high volume manufacturing of a broad spectrum of confectionery items including hard candies, soft chews, gums, caramel products, chocolate éclairs and more. This candy making machine is also perfect for manufacturing products with high fill centre fillings like liquid, jam, or paste.

How the Machine Works

  1. The cooked batch is placed in a Batch Roller.
  2. It is then sized as required by a Rope Sizer before being fed into the Chain Die Forming Machine.
  3. The chain die (built to your product specification) then forms the rope of candy into your final sweet.
  4. The candies would then typically be fed into a cooling conveyor

Key Features and Specifications

  • High-Speed Production: Capable of manufacturing up to 1,200 candies per minute
  • Power Efficiency: Runs on a 2.2kW power supply.
  • Dimensions: (L)1400mm x (W)790mm x (H)1650mm
  • Tailor-Made Dies: Customised to your specification
  • Vertical Candy Rope Infeed Rollers: Ensures consistent candy rope feed into the machine.
  • Safety First: Features a stainless steel inspection hood with transparent windows, magnetic guard switches and emergency stop buttons
  • Die Cooling: An internal air fan is installed to cool down the chain-type die.
  • Material: Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 465Kg
  • Products: Hard & Soft Candy

Optional Add-Ons

  • Candy Spreading Conveyor: An additional conveyor can be installed between the chain die former and the multi-tier cooling tunnel.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Optional castors are available for easier machine relocation.

Customise Your Candies

Switching the moulding dies allows you to produce candies of different shapes and sizes with ease. The machine is supplied with 1 die set built to your specification. Additional die sets can be purchased allowing you to manufacture a range of products.

Installation and Support

We offer additional services including installation and training packages, as well as support in recipe development and specialised training in candy manufacturing.


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