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The Loynds Chocolate Refiner Conches are used to manufacture high quality milk, dark and white chocolates, pralines, truffles, compounds and many other products.

Built in China & UK


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Chocolate refiner conches are used for producing high-quality chocolate products. The ingredients are ground into very small particles, producing a smooth, luxurious texture.

A chocolate refiner conche has a hot water jacketed tank that is fitted with lining bars on the inner side.

Fitted inside the tank is a heavy duty rotating shaft with grinding bars that run along the inner lining bars. They are manufactured from manganese steel, an alloy containing an average of around 13% manganese.
Mangalloy has high impact strength and resistance to abrasion once in its work-hardened state.

Once all of the ingredients have been loaded into the conche and it is turned on, the grinding bars begin to rotate and break down the ingredients into particles so small they are measured in microns, giving the produced chocolate a much smoother texture.

During the conching process the ingredients are homogenised thoroughly to produce a quality product with a very fine and smooth texture.

The unit can be supplied with manual controls or automatic PLC control.

Sound reduction jackets are available, to help reduce the noise levels of the conche.


Models of Chocolate Refiner Conches available:


50L -CC02




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