Depositing Head Module For Tempering Machines-M1300E

A depositing head add on which can be retro fitted to all the tempering machines in this range.

Designed and Built in Europe


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The dosing head distributes the liquid chocolate into the moulds. This saves time as the user does not have to scrape the chocolate manually. Furthermore it guarantees hygienic processing.

The standard version is equipped with two dosing plates (3 x 7 and 3 x 8 layout). A mould guidance system is installed on the vibrating table, a heated scraper and a dosing unit.

Other dosing plate layouts are available on request.


The dosing head is compatable with the following chocolate tempering machines:
200Kg Per Hour Chocolate Tempering Machine
150Kg Per Hour Chocolate Tempering Machine M1500
90Kg Per Hour Chocolate Tempering Machine M1300
90Kg Per Hour Tempering Machine M1250



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