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Laboratory Depositor Machine

Compact depositing machine, Ideal for use by the smaller manufacturer or in the laboratory. for JELLY, Hard Candy, SOFT CANDY, TOFFEE, FUDGE and FONDANT.

Built in China & UK


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This unit can deposit a range of confectionery products such as Jelly, Gums, Hard Candy, Toffee, Fudge & Fondant.


Servo driven machine with touch screen HDMI, depositing settings can be easily accessed and adjusted on the touch screen. The mould transport system pushes moulds through the machine stopping the mould to make the candy deposit. Moulds are removed from the machine manually after depositing and are set aside for cooling, demoulding is manual but simplistic.


The machine can use teflon coated moulds for hard candy or silicone moulds for soft candy with 6-11 impressions per mould, the machine can deposit around 6 to 14 moulds per minute.

Lollipops can also be deposited.


The output is approximately 30kg per hour depending on size, shape and product configuration.


The machine is supplied with a double hopper to deposit a single colour product or a two-colour product or a one colour product with a centre.

The footprint dimensions of the machine are L:1050mm x W:1050mm x H:1600mm. Weight 350kg. Electric consumption 4kw.


  • PLC Control
  • Mounted on wheels.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Moulds: Silicone & Teflon Coated


  • Hoppers: Single or Double

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