Small Scale Candy Production Line

This scaled down mini candy production is good for volumes of around 150 kg per hour of perfectly formed candy sweets and we have condensed it down to less than 3 meters of space!

Designed and Built in UK


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Small scale mini candy production line for the manufacturing of perfectly formed candy sweets. The line consists of a miniature batch roller, miniature rope sizer and a miniature rotary candy forming die.

We can supply individual machinery, or the complete line as shown on this page.

The line has been specially designed for people requiring smaller production runs either for recipe development, or lower volume artisan production. Due to the small size of the equipment the candy line requires only 3 meters of space to set up. The machinery can be either table top mounted, or it can be supplied with separate operator height stands.

All the equipment is manufactured to be extremely robust and reliable. The machinery is almost full stainless steel construction for maximum hygiene and simple cleaning down.

The candy forming die will be supplied with a die of your choice and these are very simple to change should you wish to manufacture a variety of shapes.



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