Used Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Cooking Pan

Steam jacketed pan made from stainless steel, with anchor type stirrers, driven by a motor in the back. Presently it’s fixed speed and needs a new panel to enable variable speed stirrers. It has a needle type valve for the outlet on the bottom which is 40mm in diameter. Internal… Read More »

Used Latini USA Ball Lollipop Machine + Cooler and Wrapper

Produces a 28mm diameter ball, on a stick size of 84mm x 3mm. Candy is fed through the infeed rollers and cut to size by scissor knives, dropped into pockets and fed into the feeding head and compressed into a ball. A stick is inserted and ejected into a cooler…. Read More »

Used Ball Lollipop Forming Machine

Forms ball lollipops with a 25mm diameter. Stick size 89mm x 3.9mm. The machine is complete, all in good condition and ready to run. Up to 800 lollipops per minute. It will work with paper, wood or plastic sticks.

Used Gainsborough Bagging Machine

Made in England. Nice and clean and in full working order apart from the photo sensor and weigher which may require attention. Weigher is included for free. 165mm wide jaws Euro slot Forming tube 85mm diameter Another tube at 60mm diameter

Ulma Band and Foil Type Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

Made in Spain. Chocolate bar wrapping machine. Foil inner wrap with paper band Complete with gluing system Conveyor in-feed system Complete machine, which has been overhauled by us a few year ago.

Used Inverted Flow Pack Machine

This is an inverted type wrapper, meaning the film comes from the bottom, products are placed onto the film. This is most suitable for sticky type products. The product is moved along and sealed from above and the packaging is cut by the crimp jaws and dropped onto the conveyor…. Read More »